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Sorting technique

  • Filtering

Cucumber harvest boxes

Aweta GSM 10 Cucumber Sorter tax alcoa unloading system

Aweta GSM 14 Troodon Cucumber Sorter

Aweta GS 9 Cucumber Sorter Taks destacker

tax alcoa unloading system

Aweta E8 L digital computer Sorter

Vito Speed ​​R sorter cucumber, pointed pepper

Aweta E8 R analog computer Sorter

Vito Rotomatic Vario sorter cucumber, pointed pepper

Aweta CSGM 3-9+1 Apple and Pear sorter

Aweta G 2-6 L Sorter B&S washer dryer

Aweta E8 L analog computer Sorter

Aweta KG 2-12 L Tomato sorter

Aweta G 3-8 R Sorter

Mobile trestle with tackle

Javo box tipper

Greefa MSE 2000 2-12 Sorter

Aweta G 3-8 R Sorter

Ergon K92 Unloading system

Ergon K92 Cucumber unloading system

Ergon K92 Unloading system with box tipper

Vito Combi Sealer

Viscon curved belt 90 degrees

Aweta Conveyor belt 210 x 50

Scale Frame

Aweta Cups

Aweta Bars Supply conveyor 170 x 80

Aweta Bars Supply conveyor 214 x 80 almost new!

Aweta Supply belt cucumber, etc. 4.6 mx 0.46 m

Aweta Finger Conveyor 175/30

HG Elevator Belt 300 x 54 Mobile

Elevator conveyor 150

Aweta Conveyor Belt 90

Aweta Fan unit

Taks Conveyor 125/40

UWE MII-2500 Scale

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