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Used Horticultural Machines and MaterialsSpecialized in greenhouse vegetables Only the best Brands

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We are Handelsonderneming MVM

MVM has been one of the leading suppliers of used horticultural machines and materials for many years. Worldwide purchase and delivery of good used horticultural machines and materials at fair prices is paramount. We supply machines and materials from the well-known leading brands in the horticultural industry, which guarantees a high quality standard. At our 1000 m2 location in Zevenbergen, the machines that have arrived are checked, refurbished and stored. If you are interested in a machine, you are very welcome to come and have a look at our location. On our website you can get an impression of our total range of products, even if you are looking for something that is not on the website, please feel free to contact us. We are transparent and personal contact is our top priority.

In addition to the purchase and sale of used horticultural machines and materials, we started renting electric piperail trolleys in 2016. There are various reasons why renting a pipe rail trolley is a more interesting option, for example in case of crop changes or storm damage.

Fair and correct. We are MVM.


Starting with helping growers from his network, Mick van Slobbe started Handelsonderneming MVM in 1998. What started with the purchase and sale of Aweta E8 cucumber sorters in the Netherlands and Belgium, has now grown into an internationally active trading company. Over the past 22 years, MVM has continuously grown in terms of supply, customers and active countries. And we are also ready to help our customers in the future.

Active worldwide

We are active in more than 42 countries worldwide. From Canada to New Zealand and Kosovo to Sweden, we provide worldwide delivery of good used horticultural machines.

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